Elevated Dog Beds for the…..

Posh, Precious, Picky Pooch

The finest elevated dog bed your pooch will ever need.

4 Sizes to choose from!

We love our precious pooches, don’t we? Of course we do! Our dogs are our ‘fur-babies’! We want the best for them, including the best dog beds for their comfort, health and well-being.

Raised dog beds are our number one choice for our own snoozing pooches. Elevated dogs beds are made to offer every dog owner the chance to pamper their pooches in just the same way.

Elevated dog beds that come in 4 sizes
Raised dog beds are suitable for pooches of any age

Why Our Beds

Best Quality Materials

Easy Assemble and Use

Fully Washable

Light weight and portable

Elevated dog beds are better for dogs and their owners too

With so many kinds of dog beds on the market today, we have an important choice to make. The ‘old familiar’ sheepskin covered donut is great. Dog’s love them, but…the hair…the mess, the constant struggle to keep them clean…
You can wash the material but not the inner, and it’s always a struggle to get the cover off and back on. They get filthy fast, they can be too hot in summer, and they don’t protect your bigger or older dogs from the discomfort and impact on joints that comes from sleeping on the floor. And they can get way too hot in summer!

Elevated dog beds (cot or platform beds) offer the perfect solution!

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Elevated dog bed for large dog

The ultimate in cooling dog beds

Raised pet beds are the best cooling dog beds for hot summer days. They are not just ideal summer though! The elevation goes a long way in helping to keep your dogs warm and snoozing comfortably in winter – and off your bed or the couch.

The finest orthopaedic support for older dogs

Raised dog beds are suitable for pooches of any age – but they are especially ideal for older dogs with creaky joints, dogs with arthritis, large or heavy dog breeds most vulnerable to pressure injuries, such as Great Danes, or dogs vulnerable to hip dysplasia, such as German Shepherds.

Dog beds that are easy to clean

Elevated dog beds are undoubtedly the “pet bed winners” when it comes to cleanliness! The mesh fabric that promotes air circulation, helping your dog regulate his temperature, also lets hair and dirt fall through it.

Elevated dogs beds are ideal for dogs with allergies, cats that drop a lot of hair – and their humans too!

Elevated dog beds have many other benefits:

  • The 7-inch elevation makes it easy for any size dog to climb on and off the bed – even Daschunds.
  • Non-slip feet ensure the raised dog bed does not skid and wreck the floor when the Labrador pups fly on and off it in a playful tangle.
  • High load-bearing capacity will support large, heavy dogs up to 220lbs (100kgs)
  • Non-chew dog beds! No more ‘remains of dog bed’ to deal with or replace.
  • UV-resistant and waterproof fabric with a sturdy aluminum frame make for dog beds that last!
  • Lightweight and portable raised dog beds couldn’t be easier to assemble, disassemble, to move from room to room, or take with you when you take your dogs camping.
Elevated dog bed for clean and cool comfort

Dog Owner Reviews

“When “we” received a Pooch Snooze as a gift, I just laughed. My babies are far too spoilt, they sleep on the bed. Although I did miss the snuggling at first, I came to realize how much they affected my sleeping pattern. Both myself and dogs have more energy because we are sleeping so much better.”


“I look after my son’s dog Bella when he goes to work. She gets on with my dog Penny but she kept on stealing her bed. It was cute watching them try sleep on the same bed, but one would always end up on the floor. We purchased another bed and now they are both happy. My son finds the bed travels well and it goes everywhere with them.”


“After an operation on his back leg, my Jack Russell Chico found it uncomfortable to lie down on the ground. After trying many beds and blankets I discovered the PoochSnooze bed. He loves it, I love it and best of all he can jump on and off with no assistance from me.”


Elevated dog beds that come in 4 sizes and can hold up to 220 pounds

Elevated Dog Beds in 4 Sizes

Small – 40 lbs
Medium – 80 lbs
Large – 150 lbs
Extra Large – 220 lbs

Pooch Snooze elevated dog beds are available in four sizes for any size, weight, or breed of dog. Get a large one for several small dogs, a couple of medium-size dogs, or one large dog. Get a smaller bed for a small dog, or even the cat.

Yes, raised dog beds are suitable for felines too – a perfect pet bed for the whole fur-family!

Quick and Easy to set up (no tools required) Pooch Snooze Elevated Pet Beds offer the best in raised dog beds – sure to be loved by even the pickiest of pooches!

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