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durable dog beds for the larger or heavier types.

prioritizing practical things like ease of cleaning when shopping for a dog bed. He likes cot-style beds because they’re practically dog-fluid proof — you can rinse them with a hose and there’s no expensive foam core to worry about. If you want to add a little extra cushioning to your dog’s cot, he suggests adding a soft washable blanket.

Let your best friend rest well staying cool in the heat of summer or cozy in the wintertime, as they are elevated off the floor.

? fabric features heat-resistance, sturdy, and breathability.

Sleeping on an elevated dog bed is cleaner, dryer, more comfortable, cleaner, dryer, and healthier.

Easy to Assemble! No tools needed.

Lightweight and portable. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, picnic, camping, training… Quality sleep anywhere!

Our dog bed is composed of powder-coated steel tube, durable textilene fabric, and non-skid rubber feet. Strong stability and high load-bearing capacity means saying goodbye to the fear of a sudden bed collapse.

Getting a dog bed is by no means necessary or critical for most dogs. “I’m not sure if (a dog bed) is so integral for their health,” said Ian Sandler, DVM, who serves on the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association’s national issues committee. Getting a dog bed is more about improving your dog’s comfort and enjoyment of their living space.

Does your pet regularly sleep in your bed? According to Varble, dogs that sleep in their own spaces may have specific needs. “Since dogs (and cats) get far more sleep than we do, providing a good bed can be very important to improve their quality of life,” said Varble. She added that spending too much time laying on and sleeping on hard or rough surfaces can lead to pressure sores on elbows, knees and feet.

ow to shop for the best dog bed
Sandler told NBC News anyone shopping for a dog bed should keep in mind some basic numbers:

The size of your dog
How old it is
How many other dogs might it compete with for the bed
Buying the right dog bed can seem like a gamble, but don’t stress about it too much — after all, no one is more familiar with your dog than you are. “Pet parents know their dogs the best and can experiment with different options to see what they prefer,” said Corrigan. You can shop for dog beds at different price points and sizes, which are readily available on Amazon, Walmart, Petco, PetSmart and Chewy.

What dogs want
Though dogs can’t communicate with us directly about the types of materials and surfaces they prefer, we can watch for tell-tale signs. For example, you can place several dog beds throughout the house in different locations or rotate the bed towards different directions to see where they gravitate, Corrigan explained.

But keep an open mind: Dogs may prefer to sleep in cooler areas of the house during the day but may also like to sleep in the comfort of your bedroom at night. Or they may prefer quiet and secluded areas in a chaotic home environment full of other pets and children — during the current stay-at-home reality many are facing, that might be more applicable than otherwise.

“It’s important to remember that even if they like their bed, they may still sleep in other places, such as on the floor, depending on factors such as temperature, hair coat and underlying medical conditions that may cause them to prefer warmth or cold temperatures when they’re resting,” said Corrigan. “If they just don’t like the bed at all, they won’t sleep on it, regardless of the location.”

Your dog’s bed is likely to deteriorate over time so it helps to know when it needs replacing. Here are some basics to help out with that calculation:

Consider how frequently your dog will use their dog bed
Does the dog bed get dirty or soiled often?
Does the dog bed emanate a foul odor that doesn’t subside even after a thorough cleaning?
Have you noticed deterioration or damage to the integrity of the dog bedcover or stuffing?
Exposed stuffing won’t only reduce the support and comfort of the bed, but might be easy for your dog to chew or swallow, which can become a potential foreign body hazard, Corrigan noted. (Not to mention, it could mean a messy space if your dog decides to eat its way through the dog bed). Varble recommends inspecting your dog’s bed at least once a month — especially if your dog is on the heavier side and “can break down even the best of materials.”

Dog Owner Reviews

“When “we” received a Pooch Snooze as a gift, I just laughed. My babies are far too spoilt, they sleep on the bed. Although I did miss the snuggling at first, I came to realize how much they affected my sleeping pattern. Both hooman and dogs have more energy because we are sleeping so much better.

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