Elevated pet beds are not only safe for older dogs, they are the ideal pet beds for older dogs. This is thanks to the orthopedic body support that elevated pet beds offer, as well as a number of other health benefits.

Benefits of elevated pet beds for older dogs:

Getting on an off:

It’s often easier for older dogs to get off an on elevated pet beds. Older dogs can struggle to lie down and curl up in standard dog dog beds at floor level. It can also be easier for them to get up off an elevated pet bed than it would be for them to get up off the floor.

Temperature regulation:

Standard dog beds can cause overheating, especially in older dogs. They can also be colder for dogs if the bed is resting on a tile floor. This can cause problems for older dogs in particular. Older dogs that are prone to arthritis may suffer increased symptoms and pain from cold. It’s also harder for older dogs to regulate their own temperature. This makes elevated pet beds a better choice for all older dogs.

Elevated pet beds also offer better airflow. This helps older dogs with temperature regulation.

Orthopedic support:

Elevated pet beds offer even support and safety for the whole body. Being off the floor, there is also less pressure on joints while they are sleeping. This makes elevated pet beds the best choice by far for dogs with joint problems, back problems, arthritis and hip dysplasia.

Easiest pet beds to clean and better hygiene overall:

Older dogs can be prone to ‘little accidents’. Should this occur where they are lying, it’s far easier to clean an elevated pet bed than a sheepskin donut bed!

The increased airflow offered by elevated pet beds also contributes to a healthier sleeping environment for your dog. Standard dog beds can encourages mites and fleas. Elevated dog beds are made with a porous and breathable material that allow hair, dander and dust to fall through it. This goes a long way in keeping your dog’s bed free of pests that can cause skin irritation and diseases – especially in older dogs.

But are elevated pet beds safe for older dogs?

➢ Elevated pet beds are only raised 7 inches off the floor. This means that there is no risk of injury for older dogs. The elevation is low enough for the dogs to climb off and on, without injuring themselves.

➢ It’s highly unlikely that your dog will fall off an elevated pet bed. However, if they did, the low elevation ensures that there will be no injury to your dog.

➢ Sturdy frames ensure that the bed will not collapse. Safety is simply a matter of choosing the correct size pet bed for your dog’s weight.

Elevated pet beds offer many benefits – not only for older dogs, but for all dogs. And yes, they are perfectly safe for even the old, slow and arthritic pooch.