Choose the best Elevated Dog Bed Size for your “Pooch”

Highest Quality Raised Dogs Bed for People who love their Precious, Picky Pooches!

Our elevated dog beds provide the best combination of cooling comfort and orthopaedic support for all size and dogs. Ideal platform pet cot beds for both indoor and outdoor use! Our portable, lightweight but exceptionally strong and durable raised dog beds look great in any room, and even better full of sleeping dogs by the campfire or the picnic table.

Pooch Snooze Elevated Dog Beds are the only dog cot beds that offer true orthopaedic support along with optimal temperature regulation (essential for dogs in the heat).
Perfect for all pooches, but especially older dogs that can benefit the most from the even support that only raised dog beds offer.
Easy to keep clean and free of hair, mites, and dirt. Your dog will never sleep as soundly, or as comfortably, as he will on his very own raised bed!

Pooch Snooze Elevated Pet Beds come in 4 sizes for all size dogs.

Small – for dogs up to 20kgs / 44lbs
Medium – for dogs up to 40kgs / 88lbs
Large – for dogs up to 70kgs / 154lbs
Extra-large – for dogs up to 100kgs / 220lbs

Which size would suit your Pooch?

Small elevated dog bed size that holds up to 40 lbs from Poochsnooze

Small Elevated Dog Bed

40 lbs
22 inches by 30 inches

Medium elevated dog bed size that holds up to 80 lbs from Poochsnooze

Medium Elevated Dog Bed

80 lbs
25 inches by 35 inches

Large elevated dog bed size that holds up to 150 lbs from Poochsnooze

Large Elevated Dog Bed

150 lbs
30 inches by 41 inches

Extra Large elevated dog size bed that holds up to 220 lbs from Poochsnooze

Extra Large Elevated Dog Bed

220 lbs
33 inches by 49 inches

Key Features of our finest quality raised dog beds:

Simple assembly – no tools required! Comes with instructions for quick and easy set up!

Durable, strong and chew proof. Pooch Snooze Elevated Pet Beds are made with 400g heavy denier UV resistant RIP GUARD fabric.

• Our raised dog cot beds are built to last and keep looking good!
• Even the most enthusiastic puppy can’t chew through the fabric.

Perfect travel bed for dogs. Ideal for outdoor use and outdoor adventures

• Lightweight and portable. Fits easily in the car or camper van
• Elevated dog beds help keep your dog’s clean when they are sleeping outdoors. They also help to provide protection from fleas and ticks when used outdoors.
• Ideal for wet dogs as the fabric dries quickly and can be washed down easily to get rid of any ‘wet dog’ smells.

Skid proof – skid-resistant feet ensure the raised bed is safe for your dogs and won’t scratch floors or damage carpeting.

Easy to clean and clean around. Elevated pet beds are the finest choice in dog beds for overall cleanliness.

• Simply wipe clean or hose them down outdoors or when you take your dog bed on camping trips or picnics.
• So easy to clean around! Robot cleaners can clean around and beneath platform pet beds – leaving your floors and carpets free of hair, dust, and dander.
• None of the odors normally associated with dog beds

Cooling and Hypoallergenic. Dust and hair falls through the breathable fabric while your dog sleeps in cool comfort on his raised bed.

• Raised dog beds the best beds for dogs that suffer from allergies!
• Cot beds prevent the build-up of hair that can attract dust mites in other kinds of dog beds

Extra large elevated dog bed that holds 220 lbs

Our beds are very easy to assemble, view our instuction manual.

Last but not least – raised pet beds are not just for dogs!

Pooch Snooze Elevated Pet Beds are also great raised beds for cats. It’s possible the cat will decide it’s boring though. Several felines were canvassed as to their opinion on this. The cats generally agreed that the dogs can have the raised bed, since they can sleep anywhere, including in your pot plants. A few said ‘please get an elevated pet bed for the dog as soon as possible’ so we can have the couch back, thanks. However, a couple of Maine Coones were interested in having one of their own, and one Siamese cat asked if the raised cot bed could double up as a Throne.

Cats also enjoy elevated dog beds and frequently chase dogs off the bed

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“No matter how little money and how few posessions you own…

having a dog makes you rich”

Louis Sabin